How to Trap A Guy In 10 Days

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I’ve been sitting on this blog for months now. I wrote this right after I penned “The Only Dating Guide for Men You’ll Ever Need” and until now, haven’t had the heart to post it. Why? Two things: 1.) This is going to make women more dangerous than they already are and 2.) I get enough heat from females already about my advice and anything directed towards a female audience will almost certainly lead to more. That being said, I’m a man of the people, and being a millennial dating expert is useless without empowering both genders equally. Ladies, you’re guide to finding love isn’t a step-by-step guide so much as it is a timeline modeled after my favorite rom-com of all time.

Disclaimer before I even get started with the actual advice. The biggest and most important key is to realize that unlike my advice for men that will work with almost any girl. This advice won’t work on EVERY guy. If you’ve been alive the past 20-something years. You’ll know that there are men that straight up won’t commit. You HAVE to take these guys and interactions with them lightly and trust my process here. Secondly, use this guide responsibly. While it will not work for every guy, it is infallible to most and you could go on quite a heartbreaking tear with this advice. I implore you to use this for mutual happiness and empowerment and not revenge in any form. Lastly, this timeline is loose, but only has a couple days of wiggle room. This process should never take more than 3 whole business weeks. That being said…here it is. How to Trap a Man in 10 days.

Days 1-2:

Let’s be honest, you probably met this guy online. Even if you met him in person, this step stays the same. The first two days are purely for “feeling out”. Flirty texts are a MUST. Get to know him, let him ask the questions, and mainly STAY INTERESTING. Women have a tendency to fall into a couple of traps in the first days that disqualify them from the game before they even suit up. One is the idea that this guy should do all the leg work, while this is true to an extent, you must think of flirting like a tennis match. Let him serve every single time, sure, BUT you must always be able to return. So be funny, be as cool as possible without seeming like you’re “one of the guys”, and make fun of him. The same way guys work off of the insecurities of women, you must do with your chosen guy. The second trap is seeming too interested or not interested enough. When you both are free, text back right away. If you have something going on, take awhile to respond, even if you see the notification immediately. Along with that, keep it sexual, and then reel it right back in to something non-sexual. Half-boners are a girls best friend in the opening days. The right balance of all of these things will keep him interested but not bored and timing is crucial. Done right, these steps are fool proof. So, find your right balance and this will certainly become a breeze for you in no time!

When you aren’t talking to him. You need to do your homework. STALK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. Girls have the unique pass to be psychopaths when talking to a new guy. Use that pass like a lanyard at a music festival and push your limits. All social media should be scoured as well as the internet and friends. By the end of your rampage in the first few days you should have enough info to steal his identity if you want to. Don’t act like you don’t already have the skill to do this either. I know good and well that any girl with a sliver of romantic interest in me knows my grandmothers maiden name before I know what her last name is. Relationships are a game and if you’re going to trap this guy, you need to play before he even knows the whistle has blown.

Days 3-4:

Okay, no more child’s play. You’ve mastered the texting game and he’s now dreaming of the day he gets to hang out with you. So, if he hasn’t asked to hang out in person yet (he should have), drop some absolutely-not-subtle hints that you need some face time. The best first time, in person meeting is to have him go out with your squad. You know as well as anyone your friends will rip this guy to shreds if he isn’t right for you. So, if he can survive this test, he can move right along this timeline. I’m fairly sure I don’t HAVE to write this, but make sure you make the time to meet up with your squad and get feedback on what they think. I’m not new to the game here. What your girls think MATTERS. It possibly matters more than what you think so take this chat seriously. Also, make sure to pay close attention to how your target reacts to the time you spent together. No text from him first the morning after is a major red flag. That means he was after one thing. A text the day after should show a bit of vulnerability “I had a good time” or any variation of that means more than you think it does. A quick joke about something that happened means even more than that. You’ve got him where you want him.

Days 5-6:

If you noticed, I haven’t mentioned sex yet. That’s for a very good reason. I understand every girl reading this is different. I know some of you, when faced with a guy you see that has potential want to get that aspect out of the way. Other girls, you wanna take it slow. Either way, no judgements here. That being said, we’re reaching the halfway point of this accelerated relationship course. When you’re comfortable, put it into play. One disclaimer, sex is your bargaining chip, don’t get it twisted. It’s a direct simile into going “all in” in a game of poker. Use it wisely.

Now, that out of the way. Pending the squad gives good reviews. This is the time for a solo hangout. You’ve been in public together once maybe twice now. He’s run the gauntlet of the friend group. Time to relax a little and have a one on one hangout sesh. This could be a real date, or a slick Netflix and Chill. That’s a preference that’s up to you. The main goal of these days is to dig a little deeper. Your gameplay needs to include breaking this man down a bit. See if he knows how to communicate and knows how to trust you. So, here’s a tip. Get him to tell a story about growing up. Only stories from High School and before qualify. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing and god forbid it’s traumatizing (bit too much in this timeframe) but something anecdotal would be fine. Play it off as just making conversation and not prying. During this entire time under NO and I mean, NO circumstances do you play off anything other than casual. Guys can sniff out clingy from a mile away and will do anything in their power to avoid it. One sniff, you’ll be swiping on the apps again in no time.

Days 8-9:

It’s time to get a bit cutesy with it. This is where you’ll be walking a tightrope trying not to be clingy again. You need to suggest a cute and again, casual date. Best example of this is the pumpkin patch during the fall. It’s the perfect excuse to get an Instagram picture that will be posted LATER. Never right after the date. The main goal here is to get a Snapchat or IG story with this dude. There’s a very specific way this needs to happen, though. You need to take a video of the event that just HAPPENS to have him, albeit off guard in it somewhere. This snap is evil for two reasons: 1.) he is now implicated without even knowing it, but in his mind he can still ghost you, which in turn gets you off of the clingy hook. 2.) All of the dudes that hit you up randomly will see this and think twice about a 2am “u up?” text. It’s absolutely diabolical and I feel dirty just writing it.

Next on your checklist. You need to meet the boys. Contrary to popular belief guys care about what their friends think of a girl much more than what your friends think of a guy. This meeting is the only acceptable time to act like you’re “one of the guys”. Don’t overdo it though, not many guys wanna date the girl that can recognize man coverage in football (you know too much, too soon) so you need to be a little ditzy when it comes to the sports. By all means, drop a subtle hint that you may know something, but don’t go full head coach. The secret is to joke around with the guys like they joke around with him. Give his buddy shit about being a sloppy drunk or give him shit about something little keyword LITTLE. Say he loses at something during the course of a hangout. Pick on him and then tell him it’s alright and get close. You’re sending the message that you know how to dish out some shit talking, but you’re also down for him. He’s going to get the word from his guys the day after. If you get a good review from them you have a one way ticket to relationship town. He’s going to feel confident he found an attractive, cool enough girl. You’re going to be all but home free on this process.

Day 10:

You’ve made it. Day 10 could be day Day 20 for all us guys care. Again, this is a rather accelerated timeline with wiggle room. By all means, you can slow play this and be way less aggressive. For this guide, Day 10 is the day where where you don’t necessarily cuff him up. No, Day 10 is the day when you know you’ve broken him down enough to cuff up whenever you so please. No real gameplay here, but know deep down you’ve followed this process successfully and have done what few girls have done before. After Day 10, you open up a whole fucking can of worms that comes with a relationship: Instagram pictures, nicer dates, a toothbrush at his house. The options are endless and you are a boss ass bitch.

10 short days may seem like a short time to lock things down. Each step should be another checkpoint into if you really like this dude enough to show him to your friends or freak out about him in your own head. Trust me when I say it absolutely CAN be done. Brad from Theta Chi May not be down for it, and every fuckboi may act like it could never happen, but a the right boss ass bitch can run through this guide with ease. So get out there, and get trapping.

Follow me on all socials @RotelBeckhamJr. I’m always interested to hear your opinions on how these guides work, and how you got a man or woman using my advice.


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