The Gambling Ban: Breaking Point


47 days ago, I wrote about my ironic bet to quit gambling for three months. For a month and a half, I haven’t done so much as look towards my online gambling account, scratch a scratch off ticket, or get within 500 feet of my local casino. Well, there comes a time where a man must admit defeat. As of today, the gambling ban is over. I couldn’t stand one more day living like someone with self-control, restraint, and other adjectives that I equate to “fucking boring”. Today, January 31st, I placed a bet…that’s a lie. I placed 39 separate bets, bought 15 $1 scratchers, and challenged a small child to a breath holding competition for a portion of a Lunchable. Is this over compensation? Yes. Do I feel alive again? Also yes. 

The simple truth is that this gambling break came at the worst possible time. If this break were to take place in the dog days of summer, where the biggest game of gridiron football wasn’t in the midst. My fingers wouldn’t be typing this blog in the notes section of my iPhone. I even penned a blog a mere weeks ago that it was time to grow up, but I’m a degenerate. A key trait of degenerate is that sometimes they say things they don’t mean. I have made some key changes to my life in recent months, those I have to stick to. Gambling is simply one change I refuse to make. It makes me feel alive, it makes life worth living. Sports are great, we all know this. What makes them even better is when you have $200 riding on an 18 year old who went to his senior prom only 9 months ago. 

A month and a half is too long for a man to pretend to be something he isn’t. Hell, I have trouble trying to be someone I’m not for two weeks. So, I’m done. I admit it. I’m a degenerate through and through. Will I ever stop? I hope not. That’s the beauty of being yourself. You don’t have to answer to another human that tries to dictate your life, even if it’s for a quarter of a calendar year. I feel the sting of a defeat I could have easily prevented by simply doing nothing for another month or so, yet now I feel the freedom of absolute and overarching apathy for life. Forget the naysayers that think I have a problem, or an addiction. I’m having fun.

Stay tuned for my prop bet picks for the big game, right here on the Outlet Network. In the meantime, I’ll be laughing my way to the bank (and possibly the cesspool that is St. Louis). At least there’s a Shake Shack there. Follow me on all socials @RotelBeckhamJr, I talk a lot of shit on there, too.


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