The Top 5 First Date Ideas for 2019

E029A957-320F-4F70-85CD-98EEBD0629D9.jpegGetting a date is hard. Actually planning a date is even harder. Sure, a nice dinner is the easy answer if you lack creativity and are comfortable eating across from a stranger. The typical dinner date is something to shy away from because a lot of millennial women see it as too much of a commitment. That being said, I have some sure fire date ideas that will take your dating game up a level and set yourself apart from the rest in 2019.

  1. (Certain) Sporting Events

The “certain” qualifier in the header of this one is of the utmost importance. You must refrain from going to a sporting event that you KNOW you are going to get to passionate or rowdy at. For me, this means no football. I can’t have my first impression with a girl be me yelling at Bob Sutton’s over use of man coverage with a sub par Chiefs defensive personnel. I’ll let her experience the overwhelming anger I harbor for Football well down the line, like maybe after there’s a ring on a finger. If you somehow slip into this trap, you can’t trust there probably won’t be a second date. No girl wants to be with the sloppy drunk asshole that yells the “f” word in public like it’s going out of fashion. Conversely, if this girl is staunchly against sports, make number 2 on this list your personal number one. I personally just refuse to date those types of girls.

Now that we’ve established that, in my expert opinion the three best sporting events to take a girl are hockey, baseball, and basketball respectively. I’ve gone (and been stood up last minute) to more Missouri Mavericks games than I care to admit. These three sports have a couple of BIG upsides that make them the number one first date spots. One, it is an absolute BALLER move to have the confidence to buy two tickets that are almost certainly overpriced to an event. This shows your chosen lady you have the financial capability and a subtle level of commitment that many guys simply wouldn’t show on a first one on one meeting. Second, it doesn’t HAVE to be all a one on one meeting. The power move here is to swing by your friends tailgate and essentially vet this person out and make sure she can hang with your squad. Whether you like it or not, when you date a male or female. Your friends liking and being able to hang with this person even for a bit as stranger is pivotal. You think your friends wanna attend a wedding or be in the wedding party of your wedding when they know she sucks? That’s a hard no. Lastly, these sports are “slow” enough to let just enough conversation flow. Between innings and/or periods is the perfect amount to learn just enough of this person you’re courting.

  1. Bird Scooter Ride Around your City

I’ve been riding with Bird Scooters (no pun intended) since it’s inception. The biggest perk of this date is it is CHEAP. Unlike a sporting event, this date can cost you $30 tops if you pay for both scooters. It’s a leisurely way to take in sights that you two may or may not have ever seen before. You can talk, race, and roast each other all while creating that fairytale-esque first date atmosphere that all girls want to experience. Have you ever seen the Lizzie McGuire movie when Paolo takes Lizzie around Rome on that Vespa? This is the 2019 version of that. Scooters are the vehicle of romance. Is it the sense of danger that a half-ton F350 could barrel into you at any moment that makes this so? That’s what I like to think, but I’m the dangerous type. Scooters are more romantic than a candle lit dinner and a bottle of red at McCormick and Schmicks. So if you’re trying the romantic and also cheap route. Bird Scooters and ya boy RP have your back on this one. Try it out yourself, even if it is lackluster. You guaranteed a two second longer kiss and a “see you again” when you get back to the whips.

  1. Drinks

This was a bit of a phone in pick for this list. It’s not a secret that going out for drinks is the go-to, not-too-committal way to see meet someone for the first time. Where my twist(s) come in is the TYPE of drinks you must be getting in order to set yourself apart from Brad from Theta Chi who’s wearing his beat up New Balances to the first date. There are two acceptable drink places you should be asking your opposite to go to: a classy wine bar or a calm coffee shop. A shared bottle of wine or a large coffee are a great timer for a short first date. When I was a busy corporate stiff and not the blogger trash I am now. These dates were all I could afford with my very limited time. If you’re grinding your way up the corporate ladder and not on the dance floor of Mosaic. This is the perfect date for you. Free flowing and casual conversation goes a long way here. It’s sort of in the essence of the traditional dinner date but it doesn’t include me eating like an absolute animal in front of some person I’ve been texting for a month max. Is that a “me” problem? Yeah probably. Nonetheless, quick drinks alcoholic or not are the type of low commitment endeavor I’ve spoken to in several other of my blogs. Great for absolutely any situation in both participants lives. Cheap, versatile and calming. That’s the name of the game in first dates.

  1. The Country Club

Okay, now this one may just be for me here. I spend a lot of weekends during golf season at my local country club. It is the ONLY way to spend a weekend in a postgrad life. College bars are in your past, face it. What you don’t have to face is a lack of fun. Picking up golf and joining a Country Club will do wonders not only for your social life, but also for your dating life. You may be asking me: “But RP, my girl HATES golf!”. You, my unthoughtful friend are thinking inside the tiniest of boxes. Very few girls like golf. I for one, won’t play an actual round of golf with a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Not out of a lack of patience, but from experience. It’s almost rude to the groups around you to take a new golfer and try to force them into a serious country club setting right away, guy or girl. The key here is girls LOVE to dress up and drink. Besides golf, what are country clubs for!? Dressing up and drinking. On top of all that, what is more fun than driving a golf cart!? Nothing, that’s what. You can put your newly tennis skirted honey at the drivers wheel while you pull driver on the first hole. On top of that, you can make yourself the talk of the club bringing an attractive girl in front of all of the old heads. They’ll ask about this girl for months, making you club legend forever. The pace of golf allows, again, free flowing conversation to get to know each other and if she sucks. You can take your anger out on the ball. Underrated portion of this is the fact that if you go enough, you look like a king at your club. Everyone knows you by name and knows what to do for you in order for you to look like a baller (take your clubs to your cart, washing your clubs, etc.) it’s the power move of all power moves.

  1. The Bonfire

From the country club, to the country. If your girl has let’s say…simpler tastes. A good ole country bonfire is up your alley. All this date will cost you is a case of Coors Light and gas money. This once again vets your date out to your friends and let’s them know that this chick is indeed cool. Conversation is the name of the game here. It’s not one on one, but if you can stay awake long enough. It will be. This is the most casual of all the scenes and should really only be used with girls from towns of about 40,000 people or less. City girls going to a bonfire for a first date will call you a hick for taking her to this event the first go around. To be honest, this one only rounded out the list because I was born in Iowa, where rodeo, tractor pulling, Hawkeye football, and bonfires are the only real sports we have. But hey, you can’t say this list isn’t all-inclusive. So dust off your shit kickers and your Pioneer Seed hat you got from your grandad and warm up next to a fire that would make any Fire Marshall have a stroke. Bonus tips: never trust your buddies moonshine and be prepared for a lot of country music.

It’s 2019 fellas, time to stop taking girls to house parties where the only thing wetter than the beer pong table is the basement floor. Dress up and pretend these ladies are more interesting than they are. As always, follow me on all socials @RotelBeckhamJr and scroll The Outlet feed for more millennial dating columns and guides.


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