Fantasy Football Week 4

Here we are again, but this week, with a twist. The dreaded bye weeks have begun. Why is there a bye this early? Same reason there’s 4 preseason games. Nobody knows, everyone hates it, and it won’t go away. For those of you needing bye week replacements, I’ll go over a few. Washington and Carolina are the teams to replace, so at least it’s not crippling any teams just yet. Unless you’re really bought in on Alex Smith Man. Also, the Thursday Night Game, there was no guessing there. You got Vikings and Rams, you should play them. Let’s get to it!


Mahomes is continuing to absolutely torch the league in record proportions. Obviously, the 13 to nothing ratio for TD/INT isn’t sustainable, but he will win leagues this year with his play. So play him, no questions asked, along with the other elites. Ryan Tannehill needs to start being on serious fantasy radars for every week starts as well. He’s already at 7 touchdowns and just a hair under 800 yards, and this Miami offense looks dynamic. I know his matchup against the Evil Empire of Brady & Belichick is intimidating to think about, but the Patriots are vulnerable now. Tannehill has all the motivation he needs to ensure the Dolphins have a 3.5 game lead in the division. That’s not a joke, they will be 3.5 games clear through 4 games if they win Sunday. All systems go, Fins up. We all saw Matt Stafford and the entire city of Detroit implode week one. Here’s the good news, they may have the best receiving corps in the NFC AND they figured out that you’re allowed to run the football for more than 100 yards in a game. It took them 70 games, but they’ve finally confirmed that they are legally allowed to do that. This opens up the play action pass for Stafford, something he’s never been able to employ successfully. I’m expecting 350+ and 3 touchdowns against just an awful Dallas team. To round out some more sleepers, IT IS BAKER TIME IN CLEVELAND! Don’t look now, but when your first opponent is the ass backwards Gruden lead Oakland Neanderthals, and you have the talent on offense that the Browns have, it’s going to look good for the Mayfield to Landry connection to get going. Don’t be surprised about 250 and 2 touchdowns from Baker this weekend. I hope it’s a blowout. You suck, Gruden.

Running Backs

The Chris Carson Coaster is in full effect. Week 2, he’s playing special teams for some god awful reasoning, was exhausted,and promptly put out a dud of a game. Shockingly, last week, Good Ole Pete reckoned his starting running back ain’t needed on that there punt team. The result was the bell cow back Seattle’s has been needing desperately, garnering Carson 34 total touches (the most since any RB in Seattle since 04). Assuming he’s got a clean bill of health, I’m anticipating another 100+ all purpose and a touchdown performance against Arizona. The Baltimore backfield has been frustrating. Alex Collins is clearly the more talented back, but Harbaugh seems to have the itch to validate Buck Allen’s roster spot. Collins is clearly taking advantage of the brutal timeshare, averaging double digit fantasy points. He stays involved in the pass game as well, and I expect that to be even more prevalent against the struggling Steelers. 21 touches for about 80 yards and a touchdown last week, I think the same amount if not more for him this week. Stop Tolberting everyone Harbaugh. Don’t lose faith in Jordan Howard people. I know, Matt Nagy doesn’t seem to have a consistent approach to the running game yet, but Howard is still talented enough to make it work. In an underwhelming performance in Arizona, Chicago only mustered 16 points. However, they gave Howard 26 touches, and those lead to a touchdown. Chicago has Tampa Bay this week, who’s defense isn’t great against the run. Howard will continue to prove he’s worth the snap start, 125 yards and 2 touchdowns this week.

Wide Receivers

Repeat after me. I will not start a Patriots wide receiver this week. Chris Hogan isn’t a startable player. The Patriots are in a quandary on offense right now, and only Gronk should be trusted. Until Josh Gordon is full go, find another option. Like Tyler Boyd. He’s playing like an absolute maniac right now, he has 223 yards and 2 touchdowns the last couple games and is being targeted more and more by the Red Rifle. With AJ Green garnering the top defender on every team, Tyler Boyd is becoming a must start. Do y’all remember Demaryius Thomas? He’s still in Denver and has an actual quarterback now, and the Chiefs secondary is not good. Emmanuel Sanders is going to be gameplanned against by Get-Off-My-Lawn Sutton and he will be the biggest problem for Scandrick or Nelson or Fuller or….you seeing the problem here? He will score a touchdown. Maybe another one in the second half when KC is up 28 points. Jon Brown and Calvin Ridley are the the hot names of the week, but we need to see if they’re sustainable. Jon Brown seems to be the more consistent if you want a starter this week, but Ridley is a deep flex starter if you need him this week as a bye week fill in.

Tight Ends

Rules for Tight Ends:

  • Start Gronk, especially if it’s a must win game. Like this week.
  • Start Kelce. Mahomes and Reid will find a way to get him the ball.
    Use Common Sense
  • I know I hammer those points away every week, but the tight end position is going to do one of two things. Win the game for you if you have Gronk or Kelce, or play the other tight end to a draw. The difference is marginal between other tight ends, and the goal is to find the best matchup every week and get that 4 to 5 point edge. Jeff Heuerman is a great play this week as a sleeper. With the unfortunate injury to Jake Butt, Heuerman is now the number one tight end in Denver. Playing against Kansas City, he will get targets and catches, and don’t be surprised for a garbage time touchdown. Arizona made a change at quarterback, which means the tight end is the safety blanket. That means extra targets for Ricky Seals-Jones. Now, the Cardinals are awful, but every NFL team can get into the red zone at least twice in a game. If David Johnson doesn’t get the touchdown, Seals-Jones will be the bailout for Rosen.
  • The Sloths lost a real heartbreaker, if Big Ben throws that desperation pass to anyone else but JuJu, the Sloths pull out the victory. However, it wasn’t to be. That’s how the cookie crumbles in fantasy sometimes, but I’m not worried going forward. I’m averaging 130 points a game. So we will be good going forward. Good luck everyone, see you next week!
  • –Relli (@Rellihan51)
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