LeSean McCoy acting Shady?

So basically LeSean McCoy is being accused of beating his dog, his kid and also his ex. Is any of this factually true? NO. As i said before numerous times when it comes to these cases you can set anything in stone until all of the facts come out. Well, what supposedly happened was his girlfriend got beat up when the house was invaded. Here is what we know so far.

Tell ya what man it does not look so good for McCoy. The picture that was posted of the girls face is very brutal and some people might find it offensive if i post it but i’m sure you guys can find it online. The man nicknamed “Shady” but not the real slim shady is in a pickle, if these are all true McCoy will be suspended from the NFL for awhile i would think and rightfully so if more info comes to light.

McCoy has already had a rough off-season losing Richie Incognito and Eric Wood, you can best believe if the judicial system doesn’t crush him from these horrible allegations if they are true surely NFL defensive lines are going to eat him up. Losing your best two offensive lineman to retirement and also trading Cordy Glenn to the Bengals won’t help the running back who is now over the 30 year old age limit tomorrow when most running backs decline.

A quick little fantasy football outlook on this situation if this case goes all summer long, McCoy will fall in fantasy drafts just like how Ezekiel Elliot did last year when the league was trying to determine how many games he would be suspended and then it being appealed. McCoy has been a fantasy workhorse for a long time so if you can somehow scoop him up in the 4th or 5th round because of these alleged accusations. McCoy averaged 99 yards per game total but only had 8 touchdowns. It will be interesting to see if his production falls because of the loss of talent on the offensive line.

However, if you go on twitter you can see some people do find all of these accusations to come out all at once timed very weird. Some people are afraid to talk about these matters because it will ruin there career writing but i felt Reuben Foster was being wrongly accused and he was, it was found out the female was lying the entire time. You never know when it comes to these tough to swallow stories. As we did as fans and people of this country we should wait and see until all the evidence comes out and not stick to one side.

To brighten your mood after reading this dark article, here’s my latest podcast below so give it a listen.


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