I triggered Clay Travis

Today I woke up around 12 pm just minding my own business. Decided to go on twitter and somehow stumbled upon Clay Travis , a man of the south from what it seems. Clay Travis like me, did not major in journalism so we’re in the same boat. Basically the man became famous because he couldn’t purchase NFL SUNDAY TICKET while in the Virgin Islands where he was a lawyer. Good for you Clay , a man of the people. I respect him because I would do the same thing if I couldn’t watch my Jets so Clay maybe we are similar in many ways then you think. Just like Clay, I also dont get paid to write so maybe I’ll be like you one day..hopefully not.

So here is where today gets interesting, I comment on one of his tweets saying you “you forgot #ad” and here’s what happened

Just busting some balls early , an early twitter troll then this

Clay erupts into a volcano and freaks out on a kid who’s tryna get into the blog , podcast world… social media icon. Clay has 600,000 followers, I have a whopping 200. LOL

I have to comeback at Clay because let’s be real who’s the Alpha? Me clearly.

Clay seems triggered , one little tweet saying he forgot to say it’s an ad makes a man like that seem like he’s 10 is the best feeling ever. Taking down a man of the stature is just funny . Why the hell does he care who I am … well this is how this all ended

Clay didn’t respond. So once again Furtakes is the champion of another twitter war.. RIP CLAY TRAVIS, April 6th, 1979 – July 7th 2018

I’m a couple of drinks deep but I hope you guys find this funny.

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