New Jersey to Kansas City..fantasy

Hello guys, my name is Furtakes, its a pleasure to finally right on here. So a little overview is like most people who blog i also have aย podcastย . So since this is mostly Kansas City based, i’ll talk about how the Kansas City Chiefs basically won me my fantasy league. Now two years ago big daddy Travis Kelce who i acquired for Devontae Booker right after C.J. Anderson went down was the move of the year. This year in the draft i got Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt. Hunt was a reach in the fourth round but boy it paid off, Hill somehow fell to me in the 6th round. Now you have to remember coming into the season, Spencer Ware was the starter at running back and Tyreek Hill last year was also just considered a return specialist and also a quirky offensive weapon. Flash forward to the 2017 season and everything changed.

Kareem Hunt led the NFL in rushing with 1,327 rushing yards with 455 receiving yards and a total of 11 touchdowns. Hunt was used weird however in some games which hurt is numbers, there were three games he had only nine carries. Andy Reid for some reasn thought Charcandrick West, who sounds like he’s a Pokemon, was a vulture in some games.ย  Hunt was also overshadowed by Alvin Kamara who was a second round pick and Leonard Fournette but he did outscore both in his fantasy production.

Hopefully Hunt doesn’t become addicted to adderall and get suspended. I think Hunt has to be a top 5 pick next year in any fantasy football draft especially now since the Chiefs don’t have veteran quarterback and will be relying on Patrick Mahomes who hasn’t played a meaningful snap in the NFL yet. Coaches always pound the rock with young quarterbacks. Tyreek Hill however may go down with his numbers because of the addition involving Sammy Watkins, he is a bigger receiver but just like Tyreek Hill are both deep threats. The tweet below from the Kansas City Chiefs is insane.


This man has averaged 51 yards on each of his touchdowns which means anytime he scores on average he is getting you 11 points per touchdown. With a minimum of 75 receptions, Hill ranked second with 15.8 yards per catch behind Julio Jones and ranked 6th in receiving yards per game. Yea, dropping some knowledge, i don’t consider myself a football nerd but its not that hard to make a cool chart and look like i work at Pro Football Focus. Hunt and Hill also have similarity in the fact they both been accused of some bad off the field stuff but thats a whole other blog..maybe. Football season is right around the corner but if you’re doing fantasy football have these guys on your Mike MyCock big boards and bring home a championship.

P.S credit to whoever took that Tyreek Hill picture.. literally GOLD, no pun intended.

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