TGIF (Thank God, Infinity War) A Day Off in LS


Clock out of work, finally done for the week! Tell my coworkers I’ll see them later and head to my car.


A random man starts speed walking towards me “AY MAN! Can I get a ride to QuikTrip?!?” The guy says while pointing in the direction of not QuikTrip.




Finally back home. All three dogs happy to see me. Penny (chocolate lab/wizard) is the oldest, she’s got some gray on her chin now. Holly (golden retriever/first recorded source of infinite energy) is the puppy of the bunch, just over a year and a half. Then there’s Jax (Pomeranian/Not mine, yips instead of barking) who’s so happy to see me that he decided to leave me a small gift on the living room carpet. He reminds me of a cat. Not a fan of cats.


Make some chicken nuggets because I haven’t eaten since 5:30, let dogs out, about to get to bed. Let dogs in, Holly kindly places a freshly dead rabbit on my foot. Voice briefly raises several octaves.


Start deciding if I should write this column, begin weighing pros/cons. Figured it’ll be entertaining enough. Decide to write this article.


I’ve stumbled into that part of YouTube where there’s animals being given human voices. Remember I have my haircut at noon. Set my alarm for 11:30AM.


It’s light outside, so Jax has decided it’s time to yip at every bird chirp outside. This wakes up Penny The Wizard, who needs to go outside now. Everyone out.


Holly is in full play time mode. Struggling to keep eyes open. Throw her tennis ball in the general direction of the yard. Ball hits railing. Ball hits me.


Finally got most of the energy out of Holly. Enough to where the barking bloody murder stops anyway. Back to sleep. At this point it’s an extended nap.


Alarm goes off. Wake up to 46 messages from my fantasy football league group text. Full of draft recap, infinity war reviews, and the near fight my younger brother about got into with Dorial Green-Beckham at a club. Pretty entertaining. Trim beard. Time to go to haircut. Long overdue. Like months.


Arrive at my cousins hair salon. Shameless family plug time, Shear Bliss Salon on 3rd Street right next door to Sonic. Go see Jenny Snelling. She’s the best. Seriously, always awesome hair after I leave there. Don’t be afraid to go guys, just say Nick sent you. Ladies, you have no excuse, this is the best place to go. End shameless plug.


Back home, feed dogs lunch. Plan out where to go to happy hour with the group. Probably Minskys for BOGO happy hour. Best underground happy hour in LS and probably KC area. BOGO alcohol, aka whatever you want. Beat that.


Assassins Creed Origins action. Get called for the 3rd time today by my brother Mike about seeing Infinity War. He saw it the previous day. He convincing me to see a movie everyone wants to see. If there’s ever a fictional Marvel timeline historian/curator position open, Mike is the the guy you wanna have fill that job. There’s a Post Malone argument going on in the group text. Is Post Malone for everyone or mostly teenage girls?


Wake up from accidental nap. Headed on the way to Minskys for happy hour. Stopping by the bank to see my girl Meghan to cash in the Beer Fund. $19.74. Not bad for a weeks worth of change. Carry a beer fund cup in your cars kids. Pays off for the weekend. Let’s get happy.


Without even asking, my boy Hutton (Hoot or Hootenanny if you prefer) pulls up to Minskys. “I knew it!” What’s up bro. Haha. Let’s talk about this. What’s the best domestic? Is it Bud Light? Or do they just have the best commercials. Miller Lite goes down easier and is much less filling. Jackub is on my side.


Chiefs have re-signed Nunez-Roches. All is good. Come to think of it, is Andrew Lucks career over? Dude has thrown less NFL size footballs than I have the past 2 years.


Hoot is physically and verbally upset at the Bills picking Josh Allen. He is neither a Bills fan nor a Wyoming alum. I tend to agree.


My girl Regan and Mr. Q showed up to Minskys. Drinking and being merry. Just purchased tickets for Infinity War.


Left and headed to my brothers house. 24 pack of Miller Lite in tow. Regan, Q, Hoot, and Maxwell are here. Pre gaming for the movie has begun. Btw, Mike has an avengers poster in his bathroom. That’s the level of his dedication


Drinking game rules Mario Party 2 is happening. Followed by drinking game rules Mario Kart 8. Let’s be clear coherency is the next thing to go.


All of the Fortnite yelling. TRAP! ON MY LEFT! Where’s your left??? 321 Northeast! That’s RIGHT! *shotgun blast to back of head* BRO!


Chicken microwave sandwiches and headed to see Infinity War. Way too much beer. Lesson here, do not drink and drive kids. Have friends or and Uber. I did not stutter. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Is Phillip Rivers a hall of famer?


Infinity War!!!!


Incredibles 2 preview. I help another random movie goer recite the Fro-Zone “Where is my super suit!?” Dialogue as the wife. I yelled “I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get!” As loud as I could to applause from the whole theater.


WTF….Thanos succeeds???? I’m so confused. Phenomenal film, but did the bad guy win? Is this Darth Vader winning? All he had to do was sacrifice one person? It’s not though, you can’t tell me those characters won’t be back. Like super lame ending if you think about it. Try to tell me that black panther, Nick Fury, and Spider-Man won’t be back. Oh since we brought them back, let’s bring back all the people Thanos turned into dust. Hooray, that makes this ending pointless. Lame. Great movie. Bad ending.


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