J Cole v. Kanye West: The Real is Back

I’m starting to like the new philosophical Kanye West that we have been experiencing on Twitter. Yeezy is a man of many crafts, everything from creating his own brand, acting in parts of random movies, and of course producing and creating some of the best music the world have ever seen. But was his recent album drop a spontaneous move, or cleverly calculated to throw shade at J.Cole – who also dropped a long-awaited album just today, April 20?


On April 19th Yeezy tweeted “my album is 7 songs”, and not too long after that tweeted, “June 1st”. I immediately looked to see what my friends thought about the move and not too long after that I received a tweet that Yeezy put out stating “Me and Cudi album, June 8th”. I thought this was your typical Yeezy troll session, but the tweets continued with more collab albums such as the one being released with Pusha T on May 25th.

Whats weird is just one day before this random album release tweet went viral on the internet, J Cole said he is also coming up with an album release on April 20th. Is this a coincidence or is Yeezy trying to prove to J Cole that he is the king of this hip/hop and rap era?

This feud has been lowkey for years, but the last sneak diss was on J Cole’s “False Prophets” song that he released in late 2016. Cole brings up the legitimacy of writing his own content and accuses Yeezy of jacking rappers flows/style and making it his own. It does not stop there, Cole continues to fire back with lines calling him out on his “half ass albums” and stating that “he’s too worried about the critics”.

These are legit claims from an artist with one of the biggest fanbases in the game. It’s a whole lot more than some lame ass mumble rapper talking about one of the GOATs. J Cole has a proven track record of success, but his achievements stay underground. Name one other rapper that went double platinum with no features…? I’ll wait because nobody has, thanks to his 2014 Forest Hill Drive album.

Funny thing is J Cole speaks in several interviews that he looked up to Kanye and even went as far as saying that Yeezy is one of his heroes. Makes you wonder what really happened between the two artists.

My next question is – what is this new Kanye album going to look like? Are we looking at Graduation old school Yeezy, eerie experimental Yeezus, or perhaps, as is tradition, Ye will bring us something completely different and new? Are we going to hear some shots fired back at J Cole after a couple years in rap hibernation? Either way I do not think we as fans will be disappointed because we have been waiting for this new album to drop for a minute. Plus, a collaboration with Cudi means Yeezy is looking to expand his sound again which could a new wave for the future of hip/hop – Look at Watch the Throne for examples of how collab albums should be.


As far as J Cole’s album goes, I have listened to it twice this morning so I am not going to expand on anything. If you want to read my personal opinion on “KOD” check out my album reviews later this weekend.

I still do not think J Cole gets the respect that he rightfully deserves, especially after all the musical strides he has made since his first album “The Warm Up” in 2009. In the beginning of his music career I can say that he was very mediocre with his beats and lyricism, but I saw him grow over time. After releasing “Born Sinner” and “2014 Forest Hills Drive” I knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. He started to stray away from the “Money, B*****s, Weed” type of rap and started painting his life story that a lot of fans can relate to. This is probably one of the main reasons that I think J Cole is on my Mount Rushmore of hip/hop/rap artists.


All I have to say after listening to KOD is J Cole has set the bar for rappers in 2018 and throughout 2019. Chalk up another double platinum for Cole. Overall, I think there is something to be said for two of the best artists in the game both trying to push the envelope, get a message out and change the culture. Competition between these two is exactly what the game needs to wake up from the lean and xanax induced coma we’ve been in for the past 3 years. Regardless, I am going to let the songs on their albums speak for themselves – ultimately we are all going to have to make our own choice on who really deserves the crown.

You can find J Cole’s “KOD” album on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify below.

— Depo


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