Time is Money

Imagine a world without money. Go ahead just for one second imagine it. What would life be like?

What if everyone from the age 18 and above was giving a time clock… everyone gets the same amount of time from the start. For this post let’s say each person gets 5 years to start out with. People have to use their time to “pay” for things. It works just like real currency, but if you run out you die. So the saying “time is money” is literally the case in this scenario. People will still have jobs where they can earn their pay (which is time). There will still be a stock market where people can invest their time. So life is pretty much normal other than the fact there isn’t actually money being floated around. People would take a whole lot less for granted… It would give a whole new meaning to what life is actually about.

I’m writing about this because I feel that some people just get to caught up in the chase of money that they forget about one of the most important things in life……  time. A person can never predict when their time is.. that’s why it’s so important for people to enjoy the moment.. enjoy the time with their family and friends. Not everything is about money, but our society sure makes it feel that way. “You gotta have money to be successful”.. is one of the biggest lies you’ll ever hear. I know plenty of “successful” people who live pay check to paycheck that love their life, because they are actually living their life to its fullest potential. The idea of being successful at least to me is exactly that… just living your life no matter how much money you have. I don’t want to be in my 50s regretting things I had the chance to do while I’m in my mid 20s just because I wanted to save some money.

Let’s say a day comes where you know where you know when your time is coming.. do you think the person who lived their life to its fullest potential with little money in their bank account or the person who worked their life away and has a ton of money in their bank account is going to be happier? Who do you think is going to be more satisfied? In my eyes it’s 10/10 going to be the person with the little money. Now its important to save your money don’t get me wrong here.. but it’s also important to venture off and do things you’re not used to doing. Save your money, but save it to do what makes you happy.

Life isn’t all about work. Some people make it that way.. but we spend too much time working… worrying about how much money we have. Now I know I’m only 24yrs old and if anyone older than me is reading this you’re probably thinking I’m an idiot, but this is just how I see things. Like I said earlier in this post.. 30+ years from now I don’t want to be regretting the trips/experiences I didn’t take, because I didn’t want to spend the extra few dollars. Life is too short to work your life away. Live a little… go on that vacation you’ve been holding yourself back from.. there is absolutely nothing holding you back other than yourself. Just do what makes you happy, because you never know when your time is going to come………………




Now ask yourself this….. if time was actually our currency… how would you spend it? Who would you spend it with?  (Got this idea from a movie called “In Time”)




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