Life being a Kansas City Chiefs fan….

Picture this………. Its 7AM on a Sunday morning in the middle of November. You are bundling up to get ready to let your roar at Arrowhead be heard. Because that’s what we know how to do… We support our team no matter what happens…. but when is enough enough? If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan you know what it’s like to experience the amount of pain/disappointment we endure EVERY year….The last few seasons we kept telling ourselves that this would be “our year” and then the playoffs come around… Flash back to 2013 when we started the season 9-0!! It was our first year seeing Alex Smith and Andy Reid. This city was ecstatic to have this duo.. (especially since the previous year we went 2-14)

We ended up finishing the season losing 5 of our last 7 which still gave us a wildcard match up against the Indianapolis Colts and we were absolutely dominating them… we were up by 28 at halftime. Then we quickly found out what all the Philadelphia fans were talking about after Reid left…. he took his foot off the pedal after half and the Colts galloped their way back and advanced to the next round. After the loss we still had a glimpse of hope for the seasons to come. We missed the playoffs in 2014… so fast forward to 2015. We finished the season 11-5 after starting our 1-5… so we were on fire going into the playoffs. We had a wildcard matchup with the Houston Texans.. from the get go we dominated them. Knile Davis returned the opening kick off for a TD and we didn’t stop there. We ended up winning that game 30-0. Which was our first playoff win in over 20 years… this city was going crazy… also because our local baseball team (who I will not name, because I’m protesting them right now) was in the playoff mix absolutely destroying every team in their path. We thought we were finally a winning sports city again. Our next game was in the divisional round against the juggernaut Patriots. No one gave us a chance against them.. the Pats were dominating most of the game, but we started to make a late come back and had a very good chance to win that game as well, but Andy Reid could not run the 2 minute drill to save his life…. so there we were once again back to square one. The following season we were blowing teams out left and right. We finished with a division best 12-4 and we were feeling good with our divisional round matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now the Steelers have always had our number, but once again it just felt like that this could be our year….. well guess what? WE FUCKING LOST THAT ONE TOO! They didn’t score a TOUCHDOWN the whole game and still beat us. It was absolutely pitiful…. not to mention a terrible call on the refs for holding of potentially the game tying catch to send the game to Overtime…  but still there was no excuses. They didn’t score a TOUCHDOWN and we still lost. Alex Smith played worse than Todd Collins on his worst day… I was at that game with a few of my buddies and that game still haunts me… fast forward to the 2017 playoffs. We had a bunch of momentum going into the game against the Tennessee Titans.. (keep in mind I was at this game too) Tyreek Hill had a breakout year… our rookie RB Kareem Hunt lead the league in rushing… Most fans including myself were thinking ahead of who our next matchup would be.. but of course we lost. I’m not going to get into that much detail because I will probably have a brain aneurysm. I already feel like I’m going to have one typing all of this out… but that’s when it hit me and I would assume the majority of Chiefs Nation that it would seem we are never going to make it out of the divisional round of hell even win a home playoff game. (It’s been 25 years) Time and time again we find ourselves getting up at 7am on Sunday morning…. loading up our cars to go tailgate and cheer on our team by screaming and freezing our ever loving ass off just to cheer on another disappointing season. Maybe this year will be different… Maybe getting rid of Alex Smith was the right answer… and Patrick Mahomes is the key to our success.. but who knows…. Here is to another season of disappointment. 


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